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Warren Harrison
Warren H.
16:33 19 May 19
Great local shop
MirandaD94 _
MirandaD94 _
01:40 19 May 19
The best shop I’ve ever been too, and that says a lot considering I don’t have the best of luck with cars. My husband and I had our car worked on today and while we waited with our 6 month old the owner was as nice as can be. He really goes out of his way to treat you like family and is up front and honest. Even though this is his business he does everything he can to help you out with prices. I could not have thanked him enough for helping us out. My family and I are new life time customers!
James Blackwell
James B.
12:03 13 May 19
I love this place. Always treated right by
Th3_Mad_ Hatt3r
Th3_Mad_ H.
20:14 11 May 19
The customer service is really good here! They’re very kind and they help you as much as possible. I was sent here by America tires. Glad they recommended the place.
Taree Woods
Taree W.
12:09 05 May 19
The wait time was very short & the price was reasonable. All I had done was a routine oil change, but I recommend this place.
Steven Moore
Steven M.
20:27 28 Apr 19
Very helpful
Juli Mendoza
Juli M.
19:27 17 Apr 19
I love coming here to brake Masters. They pulled my car in the back right away. I got new brakes. I’m a happy driver now!! I will continue to drive all the way here for great service. Thanks brake masters!! 😃
Twin Duality
Twin D.
17:00 17 Apr 19
Got my breaks done here the guy at the front is the best he helped us out and got our breaks all fixed and the car runs nice and smooth he even helped us get the best deal he could I definitely recommend this place as it was recommended to me.
Sgt. Birdsquirt
Sgt. B.
15:35 13 Apr 19
Referred to this store by America's tires to get our alignment done on both of our cars, Danielle at the front was VERY helpful and even though one of our vehicles was not able to be aligned they gave us a list of things to fix first for no charge. Highly recommended, ask for danielle.
Melanie Griggs
Melanie G.
15:31 13 Apr 19
We had just installed struts, a rack and pinion and purchased brand new tires so we were needing to get it aligned BAD. We walked in without scheduling an appointment. They informed us of how busy they were and couldn't accept anymore appointments that day. With pricey tires, I didn't want to have to drive up and down Main street for another day with my steering wheel at 90°. They squeezed us it, adjusted the steering and did the alignment for less than other companies I called. Danielle was wonderful and without her we probably would still be driving on wonky steering. Thank you team!! We appreciate the great service!
ron braasch
ron B.
14:25 13 Apr 19
They are the best. Fast reasonable rates friendly and professional staff
Bertha Campa
Bertha C.
21:31 12 Apr 19
I was referred to Brake Masters by Mike at America's Tires. The tires on my truck were wearing out unevenly which indicated an alignment issue. I called Brake Masters and Dennis was able to fit me in that same day. I had a road trip planned for that same week, so this worked out great for me. Once I was there Dennis gave me their discount price on the alignment. He was very professional, courteous and helpful. I will definitely recommend Brake Masters to friends and family.
Rick Field
Rick F.
20:09 12 Apr 19
Guys at BM are very knowledgeable regarding the various brake options. Highly recommend them.
Sarah Ann Wilks
Sarah Ann W.
21:48 11 Apr 19
Fantastic business! Quick, efficient, and professional services. Always make an appointment if you want to be first. I will continue to be a customer for them.
Raymond Romero
Raymond R.
21:30 06 Apr 19
Brake masters a must go to quaintly work providing at it finest, super clean shop and respectful. Bought a used car the other day and the alignment was all wrong so I step in and talked a mechanic/salesman to get a quote for my vehicle. (Prices varies on your personal vehicle) Showing up later after my quote I was greeted and fairless serviced and had my vehicle alignment fixed all around in a jiffy. Now my car rides smooth!!!
Jr Sanchez
Jr S.
16:30 06 Apr 19
Great experience friendly staff treat you like family great pricing good quality work
Socal IEMonsterBud
Socal I.
02:28 30 Mar 19
Shout Out and Thank you For Norco Brake Masters, Have a 1974 VW Bug Standard,From Germany ,was Brought over From Germany by a Military Family member. went to change the rear Brakes and wouldn't you know it the Axle nut was Torqued by the Military Before shipment ,To the USA .So when trying to Remove the Axle nuts they were not removable,who figured and couldn't ask the prior owner they have Passed.after several attempts and busted knuckles Ect and fail attempts with normal means like a breaker bar and an Axle Meister tool it was not Budging .Called and spoke to Oscar at Brake masters ,said come down and bet he could ,break it free ,after his several attempts and an hour later he had them removed ,Come to find out they were on with 800 lbs pressure so no normal human could use any simple ways or means .He was very Nice and when the work was done he charged a very cheap Reasonable amount of only ,$40 for an hour of literally his sweat . Will only Recommend Brake masters to anyone who wants to be #1 treated right #2 and fair and reasonable .Thank You again Brake Masters and Oscar Your # 1.
Trevor Wagner
Trevor W.
22:48 29 Mar 19
I use this place as often as I need them. They have always been extremely friendly to me. The prices are about average; I noticed a lot of reviews complaing about the prices but believe me, they are on the lower side of average. I have been through many shops and finally found one I am happy to return to. Remember: good work isnt cheap and cheap work isnt good.
erik enriquez
erik E.
16:54 29 Mar 19
Juan and the guys are very knowledgeable and professional. Great pricing too.
Ryan Blaid
Ryan B.
01:10 29 Mar 19
They are fast and up front. They offer aaa and student discounts. Lobby is clean and several nice chairs. Gone there a couple of times and they've been chill each time
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