Brake Service & Repair

Brake Service & Repair

Since 1983, Brake Masters has been backing our brake service with a Lifetime Warranty on brake pads and shoes. At Brake Masters, we only use high quality brake parts and components that meet or exceed factory specifications for your vehicle. When these parts do wear, just bring your car, truck or SUV into your nearest Brake Masters for a brake inspection and brake repair!

Brake Shoes


Since the beginning of automobile creation, drum brakes have been used due to their cost-effectiveness and even recyclability. Brake shoes work by pressing against the inner wall of the brake drum, located inside the wheel, creating friction to slow the wheel. While they do not cool as efficiently as disc brakes, drum brakes are still often found on rear wheels as they work well with your vehicle’s emergency brake. Drum brakes have more parts than disc brakes, however, and can be more expensive to service. That’s why our Lifetime Warranty on brake pads AND shoes is an unbeatable deal!




Brake Pads




Disc brakes use brake pads, which clamp together on a spinning disc (called a rotor) to slow the wheel, much like the braking mechanism on a bicycle. Unlike brake shoes, brake pads often come in a variety of materials to suit your vehicle’s braking needs and driving style. Brake pads generate much less heat from stopping friction than brake shoes and tend to work better than brake shoes in wet weather. Due to this fact, many vehicles are equipped with disc brakes on the front wheels for added braking power, and sometimes even on the rear wheels. Driving on worn brake pads can wear out the calipers that initiate friction between the rotor and the brake pads, leading to a costly repair, so it is best to have your brake pads inspected and repaired sooner rather than later!



A lower priced alternative to the dealer brake service. Our top quality, lifetime warranty brake pads are a great alternative. Also, will help you save on brake service down the road!
It is recommended to service your brakes every 25,000-50,000 miles (depending on the vehicle and braking style). Both brake pads and brake shoes can wear out, and many vehicles are equipped with both kinds of brakes. Failure to repair worn parts on disc brakes and drum brakes can lead to costly repairs down the line, so it is better to have your brakes inspected and repaired before lasting damage is done.

Our brake repair service will thoroughly inspect your brake system and fix or replace only what is necessary for your safety! Search our locations to find a Brake Masters nearest you to schedule an appointment or print out a coupon for Brake Repair. We’ll even accept our Brake Service coupon right from your smart phone!

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